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John LatiniJohn Latini more info
John Latini is as dextrous in conversation as he is on the guitar. His is the kind of persona that alters everything nearby with its power and charisma. Latini's presentation is absolutely irresistible. (more>)

Bottle Rocket CabaretBottle Rocket Cabaret more info
Bottle Rocket Cabaret is the duo comprised of award winning musicians John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal. The pair have collaborated as songwriters, teamed up for gigs and workshops, and performed in each others bands since 2006 but only recently committed to the idea of an official partnership partially due to the overwhelming reception they received in their live shows together. (more>)

Jamie-Sue SealJamie-Sue Seal more info
Jamie-Sue Seal has spent most of her life passionately involved in the performing arts. She began taking piano lessons as a child and studied dance and voice in her teens. She performed in musical theater, taught dance, produced and choreographed shows when she was a young adult. In 1999, Seal recorded her first albumof her own songs. (more>)

Siusan O'Rourke & Zig ZeitlerSiusan O'Rourke & Zig Zeitler more info
Together Zig and Siusan bring years of craft and performing savvy to the stage, 21st-century artists embodying the best that Irish seeds have produced from American soil. Not to be contained in any stylistic cage, though, Zeitler and O”Rourke can easily fill an evening, a workshop or a weekend with a full palette of blues, folk, old-time country and---especially---their finely-wrought original songs: look for titles like “Up On Saginaw Bay” and “Another Day” on radio playlists all over the country. (more>)

Doug E ReesDoug E Rees more info
Doug E Rees has been playing music and performing since he was a young boy growing up in Southern Missouri near the banks of the Mississippi River. He has combined his love of family, friends and nature, and created songs that focus on these themes. In his shows, Doug E will tell stories and sing songs about his elementary school bus driver, misfits he has befriended, critters, trains and nights spent under the stars by the campfire with just his guitar. (more)

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