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Consulting Services

Need some guidance finding the right direction for your music career? Smokin’ Sleddog Records can offer support, review your website and marketing materials, help you identify and set goals, design a timeline and assist you along the way.

*Rates for packages vary and services are available on a limited basis.


The skilled and experienced staff and roster of Smokin’ Sleddog Records offer many different workshop programs for those interested in songwriting, music business and marketing, and vocal and instrument techniques. Contact us via the form on this site.

  • "Jamie-Sue Seal knows this business from so many angles. Not only is she a talented musician, agent and manager, Jamie-Sue is an excellent career coach. Jamie-Sue's advice was clear, direct, and accurate. She helped me to first define my career ambition, then helped me set several goals that would give me friendly venues to experiment with programming, marketing, and performing while I fine-tuned my shows. Whether your ambitions are simply to sing a few bar gigs a year, or to work your way toward the top of the charts, this consummate artist will help you visualize the big picture, map out the best route to get there, and she will hold you accountable to follow through and turn that vision into your reality."

    Elizabeth Stoner Cameron, Instructor of Voice at Western Michigan University,
    Soprano at Duo Bella, Music Director of Bay View Musicals/Bay View Music Festival

  • "After working as a performing musician for over 20 years, it came as quite a surprise to me when I reached out to Jamie Sue Seal for consulting services that she would be able to say or suggest anything that I hadn’t heard already. Jamie has a way of putting things in perspective so that even myself (a seasoned performer) could find some new way to look at my career, give it a jumpstart again, find fresh new ideas. Jamie Sue is quite the creative oracle. Always striving for a better way to enhance and expand this crazy thing we call the music business."

    Jill Jack, Performing Musician and winner of 38 Detroit Music Awards

  • "Jamie-Sue's power point presentation on marketing guided me while I built websites for my personal music and for my band. Not only did I use her deck as a guide, I later sent the sites to her for input and she cheerfully responded, making suggestions and guiding me even further. Her lecture on marketing has been an invaluable asset for helping me build my "brand" as a musician. In another session, Jamie-Sue’s songwriting presentation gave me a lot of insight and help in crafting songs - plus she is extremely entertaining. Laughter and learning are a great combination."

    Lauren Crane, Performing Songwriter, solo artist and member of band "Taller Than They Appear"

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